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Orthoptist (AOB)

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As an experienced Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist my aim is to support you, or your child, to achieve your mobility goals safely and with confidence. As a registered Orthoptist I am also able to work to support reading and near vision goals through the use of lighting, contrast or assistive technology. My work is client centered so it is always based around your needs, your current and future goals and how to achieve them.

young woman in front of pedestratian crossing using her phone for navigation support

Orientation and Mobility

Your child may be taking their first steps, learning to navigate a new school or area within the school, or building independence by learning how to travel around their neighbourhood. I will support you and your child to step into these new environments with confidence.

Building concepts about the environment, movement, intersections and traffic flow that their sighted peers learn through observation is also a key component of Orientation and Mobility.

As an adult, you may already have the foundation O&M skills under your belt but find that you would like to learn a travel route to a new workplace, recreation setting, or the local shops. If you are new to the experience of vision impairment you might need to learn different ways of getting around safely and restore confidence to get out and about on your own or with minimal support. This may include safely and confidently using public transport or ride share services.

If you would like to extend your travel skills and explore new environments, I will work with you to make sure that you have the skills to take those steps with confidence.

photo of feet and long cane travelling downstairs

Orientation and Mobility Services

• O&M assessments and recommendations.
• 1:1 Orientation and Mobility sessions focused on the specific goals of the client.
• Small group programs with a focus on O&M skills and/or social connection.
• Flexibility to have appointments on some evenings and weekends by arrangement.


An Orthoptist is an eye health professional who can work in many different settings. My Orthoptic service is specifically a low vision service to help you understand and maximise your vision where it cannot be improved with glasses or other medical interventions. This is done alongside the eye health care that you are receiving from your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist.

A low vision Orthoptic service aims to have you understand your vision and how you can get the most from it. This could be with the use of aids such as handheld or digital magnifiers, or with tailored lighting solutions and the use of contrast.

Orthoptic Services

• Understanding your vision and how to get the most from the vision you have
• Lighting and contrast strategies for improving functional vision and reducing visual fatigue
• Trial of assistive technology from a range of distributors to assess suitability and support funding applications. This may include magnification and text to speech devices for use in the home or community.

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Marnie Roth

I’m an experienced O&M and Orthoptist who is passionate about supporting people of all ages to live the life that they choose. After many years working in the field I am able to draw on a vast amount of experience and knowledge to work with individuals in a way they best suits their learning style to break down the barriers that blindness or low vision might present.


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  • COMS - Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist. Certified with ACVREP since 2017.

    ROMSA - Registered, current member of the Orientation and Mobility Association of Australasia.

    AOB - Registered Orthoptst with Australian Orthoptic Board

    Grad Dip Orientation and Mobility Specialist La Trobe University.

    Bachelor Orthoptics.

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